Saturday, April 17, 2010

Learning WPF

WPF is Microsoft new technology and brings a totally different way to develop windows applications. People say it has a big learning curve. I agree with this but if somebody guides you through the step by step way to learn WPF and in easy to learn way will help a lot.
Few months back when I started learning WPF I faced a lot of difficultly as there are so many resources on WPF and nothing takes you through step by step way to learn WPF. They helps a lot when you know WPF. With that in mind I my writing this article and going to make learning WPF very easy for you guys. You will learn WPF from my experience.

Today I am going to guide you guys and take you step by step how to learn WPF.
I am planning to write couple of articles where I will point you to various resources and will get you started in WPF in as less as 1 day and help you master WPF concepts in couple of weeks.
Few things to do:

1. Go ahead and bookmark this page. You need to come again and again to this page as I will keep on putting more resources every week to help you learn and master WPF.

2. Leave some comments and rate this article. This will keep me motivated to bring more contents for you guys in future.

3. Go ahead and buy the two books mentioned at the end of article which will go very long with you in this WPF learning and mastering series. These will help you clear the every basics of WPF.
Here is the very first reference that will introduce you quickly to WPF. You can go through these videos as quickly as one day. Let me know if some link does not work. If you do not know anything to WPF go through these in the order I placed, otherwise feel free to go to any part.
WPF Soup to Nuts (Eighteen Part Series) by Bill Steele

Part 1: Introduction
Part 1: Another Link
In next article I will introduce you guys on MVVM and will give you some really good links.